LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Talk to Your Representatives about Immigrant Payments, Inflation and High Energy Costs

How do we justify, as is being discussed by the Biden administration, paying $450,000 to one or more parents (illegal immigrants) who claim they were separated from their child (or children) for one year when our military-service members, who have given their all, have consistently been separated from their families when serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and other overseas deployments? They receive just hazardous-duty pay. 

This is insane, and all Republicans and Democrats should let their congressmen and congresswomen and senators know this is wrong. When a soldier is killed, the family receives $100,000, not $450,000.

And when speaking to your representative, let him or her know that the wicked inflation we are experiencing is a huge tax on middle- and low-income citizens. It raises the cost of everything they buy. Our energy costs are now the highest we have seen in the last 30 years, and I believe the administration really wants them to go higher. 

Explain why we let thousands come through the Mexican border without knowing who they are, whether or not they are COVID-19 positive, while the administration wants to mandate masks and shots for just about everyone. 

Also, let your representative know that we are still a law-and-order country and must uphold the Constitution. If we don’t, the military then has the responsibility to remedy the situation. If in doubt, study the Constitution. We need to wake up!

Jim Newman, Captain, USAR, 1960-69

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin