Tammy Baldwin Presses EPA and USDA on Groundwater

Senator Tammy Baldwin wrote a letter to USDA Secretary Vilsack and EPA Secretary McCarthy requesting their immediate attention to groundwater contamination and safe drinking water in Door and Kewaunee County. On March 9, during a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Senator Baldwin pressed Secretary Vilsack on the issue further. Secretary Vilsack agreed to work with Senator Baldwin and her staff to find solutions to this problem.

“A drinking water crisis that continues to compromise the health of residents necessitates an emergency response that addresses the immediate need for drinking water until longer term solutions are negotiated… Specifically, I urge you to work with local communities to provide assistance with basic water needs, such as support with water testing, the installation of in-home water filtration systems, the distribution of bottled drinking water or portable water filters, and construction of temporary clean water systems that could provide a centralized source of safe drinking water that rural residents could access near their homes,” wrote Senator Baldwin in her letter.

Read the full letter here>>

See a video of the exchange between Senator Baldwin and Secretary Vilsack here:

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