TAP Play’s the Thing Reads to Full House

Peninsula Players Theatre presented a reading of A Trick of the Light, a new comedy by Peter Moore, on March 5 to a capacity crowd. A Trick of the Light was produced as part of The Play’s the Thing, a winter series of play readings organized by Peninsula Players Theatre.

The play reading set an attendance record for The Play’s the Thing. “It is very uplifting to see so many members of the community enjoying these performances,” said Brian Kelsey, Peninsula Players managing director. “Tonight’s audience of 159 is the largest we’ve hosted for a play reading and we were thrilled they enjoyed the reading.”

Participating in the readings were Peninsula Players veteran performers Neil Brookshire, Joe Foust, Noah Simon, Karen Janes Woditsch and newcomer Haley Burgess. The cast was under the direction of Greg Vinkler, the Peninsula Players artistic director.

Minneapolis-based playwright Moore was unable to be at the performance, but Vinkler is communicating audience reactions with him as well as sharing feedback from the performers. Moore is still tweaking the play and this reading will help him fine-tune the comedy.

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