Teaching, Reaching and Including Students with Asperger’s

On June 16 as part of a pre-conference session to the 2008 WELS National School Leadership Conference, an all-day workshop will focus on “Bearing Fruit in Our Classrooms.” Held at Country Springs Hotel, Waukesha, WI, participants will learn about the diagnosis, teaching and reaching students with Asperger’s.

Participants will be taught using DVD samples, Power Point, role-playing opportunities, hands-on social skill training and many ideas to take back to your classroom and schools. The techniques and approaches to helping students with Asperger’s Syndrome also transcend to hard to reach children, those with social skill deficits, attention problems, and problem behaviors.

The main presenter, Alison Wolf, will share her experiences as a parent, working directly with a WELS school and staff at the elementary and secondary level for her child with Asperger’s. She also has worked with many students with AS and has worked directly in the classroom.

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