Ted Prokash of Door County Releases Debut Novel

“ . . . rum, rum rum. Buckets and barrels and gallons of rum.” Six sturdy Midwesterners seek answers to inscrutable questions through a brutal regimen of sensual osmosis in A Fool for Lesser Things, Ted Prokash’s debut novel, available now from Joyless House Publishing.

A Fool for Lesser Things is a vivid, fast-paced novel that follows six friends from Wisconsin on a Caribbean romp marked by comic ineptitude and desperate behavior. For 240 pages, the characters grapple with questions on the meaning of God, love and art, wreaking havoc on their relationships and on Grand Cayman Island.

The emphasis throughout the novel is on quality of prose and deep exploration of character. The scene shifts periodically from an idyllic island paradise back to northeastern Wisconsin, creating a stark contrast between the breezy, sun-drenched scenes of the characters’ present, and the angst-ridden, formative scenes of their past.

A Fool for Lesser Things is available at Book World in Sturgeon Bay, The Reader’s Loft in Green Bay, and University Book Store in Madison. For more information or to purchase direct from Joyless House email [email protected].