Ted Prokash Releases Third Novel, A First-Person Odyssey

Joyless House Publishing presents Journey to the Center of the Dream, the third novel from Ted Prokash.

Journey is a fictionalized tour diary, a tribute to the beat road novel, and a curious poke at the corpse of the American Dream.

The back cover reads, “Journey to the Center of the Dream follows four brave Midwestern rubes on a dogged march through America’s dyspeptic underbelly, via the twisted bowels of her underground rock n’ roll scene. A sublime first-person odyssey. An epic poem of our New Dumb Age. Journey is an exploration of the America not pimped by the Department of Tourism or the Chamber of Commerce, a search for all that remains worthy in the hearts of men. Angst, drugs and rock n’ roll. Get in the Minivan.”

Prokash lives and writes in Algoma. This latest book and his other titles, A Fool for Lesser Things (2011) and The Brothers Connolly (2015), are available at For more information visit

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