That 90’s Band Performs Sept. 11

Getting Jiggy at Stabbur

I am a child of the ’90s. Would most people consider me that? Likely not. But were my interests heavily influenced by the ’90s? Most definitely. My holographic platform sneakers still hold a special place in my heart.

Although the style of the ’90s is making a comeback, the music of the time is a regular on my playlists (I’m a big fan of nu metal). So I was admittedly a little too excited to hear that That 90’s Band – a group whose entire set list is made up of hits from the ’90s – would be performing at Stabbur on Sept. 11, 7 pm. 

But what is it about the ’90s that really draws people in?

“I think there’s several reasons for the rise in popularity,” said band leader Andrew Tepolt. “Multiple genres of music, nostalgia, fashion and pop culture, and timing. The ’90s music was unique in that it hosted multiple music styles in a short amount of time. It’s that very uniqueness that has the ability to connect with a large spectrum of music lovers.

“To me, the ’90s seems so far in the past because of the lack of – or minimal – digital connection,” he continued. “The internet was barely usable; texting didn’t exist, so back then you had to call and meet people. There weren’t any arguments on the internet, and times were simpler back then. I love transporting back to those times through music, and I believe our fans do, too.”

That 90’s Band uses authentic, live-scratching mixers to create the diverse sounds of the 1990s. The setlist ranges from Vanilla Ice to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck to Marilyn Manson, and Adam Sandler to Sublime – the group covers some of the best tunes that will take you back to the days of “Hammer pants, Zima, slap bracelets, tube tops and TVs.”

That 90’s Band was nominated for a Wisconsin Area Music Industry award this year, and the awards show is planned for Oct. 17 at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom.

Pull out your flannels, JNCO jeans, chokers and Timberlands, and strap on that fanny pack for a night in the ’90s!


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