The Bernie

The Bernie. It’s lure is undeniable.

The Bernie. Thirsty?

Not in the mood for a shot – doesn’t matter. Not in the mood for tequila? Well, that doesn’t matter either. The Bernie served up at JJ’s just doesn’t take no for an answer.

Whether it’s JJ “the Speedbump” meandering down the bar shaking cinnamon over a hundred orange slices, or the more efficient Dave Johnson pouring cheap rail tequila into a glorious row of plastic shot glasses to create tomorrow’s hangover, the Bernie always ups the evening’s ante.

It’s simple – cheap tequila, orange slice, cinnamon sugar. Cheer with the orange slice, lick the cinnamon, throw back the tequila, then eat the orange.

JJ’s 3-for-1 special. Tequila, fruit, and a sugary desert.

Instant party.

Just be careful if you ring that bell. Nobody says no to a Bernie.