The Cheese Insider

Blue molds are members of the penicillin family but, unlike white molds, they grow inside a cheese. They create a seemingly endless array of wonderful cheeses from dense, buttery blues like Buttermilk Blue from Emmi Roth in Monroe, WI to sweet Gorgonzola from Bel Gioioso in the Green Bay area.

There is an extraordinary variety in taste and texture, but blues all have a spicy, slightly metallic tang and are saltier than other cheeses. With the “new age” of artisan cheesemakers, especially in Wisconsin, there is more fantastic blue cheese than ever before. Sid Cook of Carr Valley Cheese, Tony Hook of Hooks Cheese, Chris Roelli of Roelli Cheese Haus, are just a few of the cheesemakers that are creating new varieties of blues.

As we all know, there are usually two types of cheese lovers, those that like blue cheese, and those that do not. For those that say that don’t like blues try Dunbarton Blue, and Red Rock, from Roelli Cheese in Shullsburg. Both these cheeses are cheddars with just a mild hint of blue, true American originals. For those of you that really like blue cheese try the raw milk Buttermilk Blue from Emmi Roth or the Penta Cream Blue from Carr Valley. Both of these cheeses are loaded with flavor, with a very creamy finish. I love to sprinkle, and melt, a good blue cheese on top of a fried egg, a true breakfast of champions.