‘The Cover Is Not the Book’ at Woodwalk Gallery

Mary Poppins has a way of seeing that brings things into a whole new perspective, and it was Mary who inspired the Woodwalk Gallery’s ( latest exhibit, opening July 25: The Cover Is Not the Book, featuring Kirsten Christianson, Virginia Epps and Marc Sirinsky. Each artist uses paper in a distinctive way, sometimes creating the paper and the art, and sometimes using the paper as a portrayal vehicle.

Many know Christianson for her handmade papers and her teaching, including at Woodwalk. She has now branched out to include natural wood aspects in her work. Sirinsky is a photographer, but his process leads the viewer to believe his works are watercolors. Epps incorporates the age-old craft of quilling, or rolled paper, into some of her work. 

Stop by July 25, 2-4 pm, to see artist demonstrations; then stay for the opening reception, 4-6 pm, to enjoy refreshments, finger food and live music.


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