‘The Crymost’ Discussion and Book Signing Aug. 18

Novel Bay Booksellers, 44 N. Third Ave. in Sturgeon Bay, welcomes author Dean H. Wild for a book signing and author discussion Aug. 18, 1 pm. He’s the author of The Crymost, a horror story set in a fictional Wisconsin town. 

Just outside of Knoll, Wisconsin, there’s a place known as the Crymost, where people take their sorrows and worries. They don’t talk much about it, and they don’t discuss the small tokens they take as offerings to the place. After all, this is Knoll, where certain things are best left unsaid. The Crymost will not remain quiet for much longer, though, because something ancient has awakened there, and time is running out for the locals. Long-kept secrets will need to be unearthed before the town succumbs to the will of a powerful stranger who works with a hungry entity crossing Knoll’s borders, invading its homes and putting a soul-draining grip on its citizens.


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