The Devil’s Dictionary

The Devil’s Dictionary: A Portfolio of 30 Prints is on exhibit at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Door County Gallery until Nov. 26. 

A collection of art by printmakers from across the country, the exhibit was inspired by the work of Civil War soldier, writer and journalist Ambrose Bierce, whose satirical glossaries of words appeared in newspapers and publications around the turn of the 20th century. 

His writings were later gathered into books, first The Cynic’s Word Book in 1906, then The Devil’s Dictionary in 1911.

Each exhibiting artist was randomly assigned a letter or symbol. They then chose a word that resonated with them on some level, and with Bierce’s spirit in mind, let that word inspire their print. Artists included in this portfolio felt that Bierce’s satirical approach to language and politics has a particular relevance today.

The gallery is located at 10341 Water Street/Highway 42 in Ephraim. It is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 1 – 4 pm, and during the 10 am Sunday service and coffee hour.