The Famed Fifth Quarter

Referred to as the band’s “most beloved tradition,” the Fifth Quarter has made the University of Wisconsin – Madison Marching Band, and their musical antics, a household name throughout the state and the country.

According to the band’s website, “From Tampa to New York to Seattle to Pasadena…the Fifth Quarter has been performed in all corners of the United States and many places in between.”

On Sunday, Oct. 9 from 1:15 to 1:45 pm, a contingent of UW – Madison Marching Band members will descend on the Village of Egg Harbor for a performance as part of the Pumpkin Patch festivities.

What’s sure to be a production will be a repeat performance for the group, as a number of band members performed for the grand opening of the Egg Harbor Marina last summer. After they met in the parking lot of Main Street Market, traversed down Soup Can Alley, hit the highway and finished up at the marina, the band’s performance left people begging for more…begging for a Fifth Quarter.