The First 3 Years

By the Door County Department of Human Services Birth to Three Early Intervention Program

The first three years are most important. Why? The first few years of life have a major influence on a child’s success later in life –from good health and success in school, to the level of positive self-esteem and social skills a person develops. Research has shown that children’s brains develop incredibly fast, and nerve connections that are forged during that period through interaction with those closest to them remain unchanged for the rest of their lives.

We know that emotional stability and feelings of trust are also established during the first few years of life, and later become the basis for all important relationships with peers, adults and friends.

If we provide parents with support during these critical times of development, teach them about parenting skills and offer them knowledge that will help enhance their child’s development, we give children a better chance at success and happy, healthy lives.

The Door County Birth to Three Program is a resource available to all families in the county and serves as just one of many supports that can guide families, answer questions, and connect them with appropriate screenings/assessments of children. Within the framework of this program, we can offer assistance with speech and language development, gross and fine motor development, thinking skills, and other social/emotional development.

The program would like to be a vehicle for answering questions, providing education, and serving as a link to families throughout the county. We intend to offer this regular article on child’s development and answers brought forth by you, the community. Please forward your questions to the Birth to Three Service Coordinator, Naomi Spritka, at [email protected] and we will provide you with our professional feedback/answers.

The Door County Department of Human Services is located at 421 Nebraska in Sturgeon Bay. For more information call 920.746.5200 or 920.746.7155.

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