The Flying Pig’s to Feature Colleen LaBrosse

To Colleen LaBrosse it’s all about shapes – well, shapes and creepy stuff. Random found objects juxtaposed with no underlying secret message. The shock value alone draws the viewer to search for hidden meaning behind the bizarre combination of items within each assemblage piece. Her work will be on exhibit in the Back Gallery at The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace through the month of September.

LaBrosse, a self-taught artist, was raised surrounded by traditional art methods. Colleen, Coolie to most, thought art was confining to strict rules within painting and sculpture. Then she discovered the assemblage work of Missoula, Montana artist, Micheal deMeng and all those rules flew out the window and art made sense to her.

LaBrosse attended a few workshops with Michael deMeng and was hooked. Already a fan of rusty things, found objects and recycling, assemblage was a natural process to make her collection of stuff into art.

“I like making things…assembling, gluing, drilling, painting, texturing…building with my own two hands a beautifully shaped shrine to display a treasure…the juxtaposition of new with old, funny with scary, good with bad, creepy with sweet.”

LaBrosse creates her artwork on a part-time basis. When not at home in her living room/studio creating, or on-line looking at art, she works at St. Vincent Hospital making it squeaky clean. She is an avid bicycle commuter, giving her the opportunity to find junk on her rides through city streets.

LaBrosse has exhibited throughout Northeast Wisconsin with representation at The Flying Pig. She lives happily alone in Green Bay, WI with her cat Eddie.

The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace is located at N6975 Hwy 42, 2 miles south of Algoma. The gallery is open 9 am – 6 pm daily. For more information call 920.487.9902 or visit