The Jamaican Door Releases Cherry Jerk Sauce

The Jamaican Door, a local family business, has launched a new product that marries Jamaican and Door County tastes and cultures in one flavorful sauce: Cherry Jerk Sauce. 

“As we hail from such different places, we’ve always been passionate about bringing our cultures and backgrounds together to create something truly unique and representative of us both,” said Carlin Hatch, who owns The Jamaican Door with his wife, Georgina Hatch, who’s from Jamaica. 

“We’re very proud of the ingredients used to craft the sauce,” Carlin said, “which include herbs and scotch bonnet peppers grown on our small farm in Ephraim, as well as Jamaican pimento (allspice), grown on Georgina’s uncle’s farm in the hills of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. In honor of my great grandmother Amy Seaquist, we are sourcing all cherries from Seaquist Orchards.”

The Hatch family, owners of The Jamaican Door in Sister Bay. Photo by Christian James Captures.

The sauce was originally inspired by a brother-in-law, Oneal, who prepares all the meals when the family convenes for the biennial family reunion in the Kingston, Jamaica, area. 

“For his and our sister Natalee’s wedding, Oneal made a guava jerk sauce that had the family and guests raving. This sauce would serve as the template and standard for us when crafting Cherry Jerk, a process that took over two years.”

Beginning Oct. 3, the Cherry Jerk sauce will be part of the lunch specials at local restaurants including Heirloom Cafe and Provisions in Baileys Harbor; Fat Belly Bowls and Roots Inn and Kitchen, both in Sister Bay; and Jackson Harbor Soup and Sandwiches on Washington Island. 

Or, purchase your own jar of sauce from local retailers, including Main Street Market, Hatch Distilling, Piggly Wiggly, Top Shelf, Door County Creamery, Fish Creek Market, Madison Avenue Wine Market, Seaquist Orchards and Heirloom Cafe and Provisions. It’s also available online at with free shipping for a limited time.

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