The Lake

The sun hits the water creating sparkles,
Water trickles over the rocks…

Bitterns silently wait for a frog or fish,
Killdeer walk quickly across the sandy shore,
Herons fly high above the water,
Wood ducks dive with their orange beaks,
Mallards swim and sit in nests with their chicks,
Deer prance on the island,
Buffleheads swim in circles,
Loons skim the water,
Eagles swoop and catch fish,
spot their nests in tall green pines.
Kingfishers sit quietly on a branch,
a Spotted Sand Piper stands on a rock,
Red-Winged Blackbird sits on a cattail,
Geese honk and fly high over the trees.
How do they find their way?
I do not know.
A boy watches from behind a clump of bushes…
The Great Egret waits…then strikes!