The Not-So-Distant Sound of Summer

Do you hear that? It’s getting louder and louder…the sweet sounds of summer.

Perhaps it’s coming from the recesses of my memory, when the sun shone bright and warm, when I could hear music every Monday night from my porch in Ephraim, when I spread blankets on the lawn of the Peg Egan Performance Arts Center to listen to flamenco music while watching toddlers chasing bubbles and dancing along, when I sipped PBR to the sounds of folk music at The Garage, when I danced under a big tent in flip-flops and belted along to Journey cover songs, when I danced in a barn, when I danced on Highway 57. Ah, summer in Door County.

Let’s face it – summer in Door County just wouldn’t be the same without live music accompanying those sunburnt days and cool moonlit nights.

On June 13, we will release our Summer Live Music Preview, celebrating the music about to hit Door County like a windstorm! The preview will feature a calendar of live music events, a list of Door County music venues, and a few summer highlights you won’t want to miss.

You make music, you say? You’re hosting a band or two this summer season? Well, tell us more! We want to make sure you’re in the special insert, which will be taped and tacked to refrigerators and walls throughout the Midwest.

The deadline for inclusion is May 23, but it’s never too early to send your schedules (even partial schedules) to [email protected].

As a reminder, any events that are listed in the preview will also be printed in the regular weekly Events & Happenings Calendar. You are always welcome to send press releases or make changes throughout the summer.

Yonder! I can hear those sounds of summer coming…

~ Sally Slattery, Arts & Entertainment Editor