The Pearl of Door County Is Home for ‘Soul Curious’

Housed in an airy room in Sturgeon Bay’s Fairfield Building, naturally lit, and lined with colorful art, flags and crystals, the Pearl of Door County is a new venue offering classes in yoga, meditation, medicinal herbs, moon circles, nature immersion and chakra balancing. This past Saturday, the Pearl welcomed the community to a grand-opening celebration and reception with drinks, snacks and conversation. Co-founders Sarah Try and Megan Lundahl, along with other practitioners and facilitators, circulated among attendees. 

Although I have always been fascinated by alternative practices such as those offered by the Pearl, I was nervous about my complete lack of experience and knowledge in these areas. Yoga instructor Whitney Fenton was able to start me off with a basic outline of the principles and practices surrounding the seven chakras, and she welcomed my inquiries with warmth and transparency. 

When I sat down to chat with co-founder Sarah Try, she described the Pearl as a venue for the “soul curious.” Try moved to Door County seven years ago, drawn by the land, the water, the forests, but most especially the people. 

“The people that live here carry with them so much knowledge and wisdom that needs to be shared, so we’ve created a space where that can be shared,” Try said. 

Facilitator Leslie Leline, who offers equine assisted coaching from her farm in Baileys Harbor, compares the Pearl to an information booth or a “visitor bureau into the world of alternative medicine.” Although Leline is a “great believer in Western medicine,” she says it’s important to let people know that they also have other options to explore. It’s also important, she added, that classes are facilitated by community members who might have been difficult to find before a common venue such as the Pearl existed. 

This sentiment is echoed in the Pearl’s mission statement, which promises a “collaborative space offering goods and services from a diverse group of approachable teachers, artists, healers and visionaries.” 

Try also believes that the opening of the Pearl is universally timely.

“Everything is awakening,” she said. “The Earth is awakening; people are awakening. They want a space to rise up.” 

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