The People Behind the Page: Sharon Anderson

The Peninsula Pulse employs 24 full- and part-time staff members who live in or have strong ties to Door County. This crew brings you the news in print, on video, online and in podcasts every week. In each edition of the Pulse, we’ll introduce you to one of the people behind the page. This week, meet layout maven extraordinaire Sharon Anderson.

Sharon organizes the pages of the paper (not an easy job) as a member of the Pulse’s layout team, and she says our office keeps her young. When she’s not in the office, she runs a graphic-design business from her home. She’s also conflicted about her newfound enjoyment of pickleball and the way it challenges her first love: golf. 

Read more about Sharon in an extended Q&A below.

Celeste Benzschawel: Where did you grow up?

Sharon Anderson: I grew up in Elmwood Park, Illinois. I was lucky enough to spend my summers in Ephraim and then eventually moved up to Door County when I was 15. I then graduated from Gibraltar.

CB: What brought you to the Pulse, and what is your role here?

SA: I did graphic design and pagination for the Door Reminder, which was a locally owned and operated print shop and shopper guide for almost 30 years. After it was shut down and sold to Gannett Corporation, I started a small graphic-design business out of my home. The Peninsula Pulse was looking for someone to help with the pagination part of the paper, and it ended up being a perfect fit for a part-time position because I had experience in that area. I can work my business work around my time at the Pulse

CB: What’s your favorite part about working here?

SA: I enjoy the atmosphere of the office as well as all of the employees.  How can you not? I can sit and work, and also take a glance out the window to check out the amazing view of the waters of Baileys Harbor. Because I am one of the oldest employees here, it’s fun to be around and learn from all of them. It helps keep me young. There are amazingly talented people who work here. Also, the owners are always willing to work with you to figure out any problems and help solve them.

CB: What’s the last thing you were really excited about?

SA: I’ve recently taken up pickleball. I wish I had tried it earlier in my life because I have always enjoyed sporting activities. I am addicted to it. It’s not only great exercise, but I have already met some awesome people. So it has turned into a social thing, too. I love it. I didn’t think I could like something as much as golf, but it’s getting to be a toss-up!