The Power of Sunflowers

There’s a new patch of sunshine in Egg Harbor this summer that’s been eliciting smiles from all who visit. Do a quick search on Instagram, and you’ll easily discover many smiling faces in a sunflower field in Egg Harbor. 

Kaaren Northrop, owner of Main Street Market in Egg Harbor, has been watching the field of flowers grow and blossom into the beautiful sight it is today, having reached its peak blooms during recent weeks.

“We do not own the flowers, but I wrote a note on the timesheet [last week] encouraging employees to go take photos with them,” said Northrop, who has been sharing the resulting photos on the market’s Facebook page. 

A neighbor near the field cleared it and planted the flowers, and Northrop reports that the field’s owner finds it heartwarming to see so many visitors each day who are enjoying the sunny flowers, taking photos, wandering around the patch and watching in awe as the busy bees go to work collecting pollen. 

Smiles all around! Submitted.

According to Northrop, who has talked with the field’s owner, the sunflowers are a dwarf variety that are now fully grown at five to six feet tall. The flowers are expected to begin to fade within the next one to two weeks. In the meantime, visitors are welcome to take photos and enjoy some late-summer serenity.  

The spectacular sunflower patch is only in its first year, but there are already plans to make it an annual tradition. Northrop said it’s been a welcome attraction during a whirlwind of a summer season. 

“It’s really cool to see so many people stop and visit,” she said. “It’s been needed in a time like this.”

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