The Reported Financial Interests of Evers and Vos


Elected officials in Wisconsin must submit reports on their finances to the state, which they did in April.

Gov. Tony Evers

The governor of Wisconsin currently receives an annual salary of $165,568. Compared to other elected officials, Gov. Tony Evers’ Statement of Economic Interests is sparse. In 2019 – the year after he was first elected to the position – Evers put his assets into a blind trust. 

Robin Vos. Courtesy of the Badger Project.

Speaker Robin Vos

All legislators serving in the 2023 Wisconsin State Legislature – including the Speaker of the Assembly – receive an annual salary of $57,408. That’s an increase of about 4% from the previous two-year legislative session. The Speaker of the Assembly receives an additional stipend of $25 per month.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is a landlord who has a small rental-property empire, reporting that he owns 29 buildings in southeastern Wisconsin, mostly in Whitewater.

He also reports owning thousands of dollars in stock – between a total of $100,000 and $1 million – in many major companies, including the Madison-based Exact Sciences.

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