The Sharrows to Showcase Rock and Acoustic Sets at Husby’s

Just over a year ago, a percussionist, a cellist, a pianist, two guitarists, and a vocalist from Madison, WI, convened in a rural barn to create music. Inspired by folk, blues, jazz, and bluegrass, The Sharrows went to work compiling and recording their original songs in the barn, booking gigs throughout Madison, the Midwest, and as far away as New York City.

The Sharrows – featuring Jake Bicknase, Matt Smith, Sylvia Janicki, Joe Hermanson, Patrick Price, and Phil Sharrow – “came together organically,” according to Matt Smith, who put up a poster seeking fellow musicians while a student at University of Wisconsin – Madison. “Three people responded,” he recalls, “two of them are in the band and knew some other folks that ended up joining.”

Hermanson owned the barn where The Sharrows jammed and recorded their first album, Starting at the End. “We practiced out in the middle of nowhere,” recalls Smith. Janicki designed the band’s logo – representing the rural environment where they clicked musically. They wrote songs together and individually. “We help each other with ideas, give feedback, we’re all in this collectively,” says Smith.

They booked a slew of gigs and received good feedback. “We really live to play shows,” says Smith. “A lot of people say that we have good energy and that means a lot. We like to have fun.”

Aug. 2 and 3, The Sharrows will showcase their talent at Husby’s Food & Spirits in Sister Bay. The Aug. 2 show, an electric set, will begin at 10 pm. “We want people to dance!” says Smith. The Aug. 3 show, an acoustic set, will begin at 7:30 pm outside at The Garage.

Learn more about The Sharrows and listen to their original tracks at

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