The Skümbلàg Show at Sonny’s Pizzeria and Grill

The vaudevillian antics of The Skümbáàg Show is coming to Fish Creek on July 28 at Sonny’s Pizzeria and Grill at 10 pm.

In the late ‘80s a group of students from the University of New Mexico banded together to form the 21st century vaudeville troupe, Skümbáàg. Skümbáàg’s unique blend of humor and music has been described by one critic as “the Village People, Metallica, Monty Python, Kermit the Frog, and the Bonzo Dog Band [tossed] into a blender and turn it on high for three sets” but the band usually refers to their music as “phantasmagoric 21st century vaudeville.”

Stylistically their shows range from hard-rock riffing, to country, to free jazz, and even into sonic landscapes more frequently associated with composers like John Cage. The “vaudeville” tag arises from the band’s use of humor, skits and poetry.

Skümbáàg was named the “Ensemble in Residence” for the 2011 John Robb International Composers’ Symposium, hosted by the University of New Mexico. They are also involved in Albuquerque’s theatre scene and work as actors and musicians in and even compose and perform music for a production of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Skümbáàg’s rock opera, The Lubbock Lights, was recently reprised as live “radio theatre” at the Phoenix Experimental Art Festival.

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