The Stars Shine Bight

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Door County is an amazing place for many reasons, but one that tops my list is that the stars shine very bright! The last month or so, I was without my camera and was renting one to get me through the time. A few posts back, I had posted shots of the Milky Way. As amazing as they were, they were not up to my expectations because the camera I was using had limitations compared to mine. The day I got my camera back, the sky’s were clear so I ventured out to Cana Island to see what I could capture. An amazing view of the Milky Way is what I found. The next night, I was invited to a bonfire at a friends house who will be leaving shortly for the winter time. When I pulled up, the Milky Way was directly over the fire. Another Amazing view! It is a magical place we live in, both Door County and this galaxy of ours, The Milky Way!

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