The Story of the Pulse Part IV: Pizza for Press

When the Peninsula Pulse launched, Myles Dannhausen Jr. saw within its pages not only stories that spoke to him as a teenager in Door County, but an opportunity to grow the fledgling pizza parlor his brother had opened (then pulled Myles into) through advertising. When Pulse founder David Eliot walked through the doors of Dano’s for the first time, he saw an opportunity in Dannhausen as well – free pizza.

Door County Pulse Podcasts · The Story of the Pulse Part IV: Pizza for Press with Myles Dannhausen Jr. and David Eliot

Twenty-five years later, Eliot and Dannhausen are business partners, and on this episode of the Door County Pulse Podcast, Dannhausen remembers the early days of the Pulse, how his contributions grew beyond pizza to writing, and the journey he and Eliot have gone on together as the Pulse evolved.

Myles Dannhausen Jr. crams to meet (or maybe miss) a looming deadline in 2006.

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