There’s Still Time to Plant

Every gardener has been there. Just as the chill of winter begins to thaw from our bones and the promise of warm, sunny afternoons can be seen on the horizon, seed catalogs begin arriving in mailboxes, and seed packets begin popping up on store shelves. With overzealous enthusiasm, we buy all the seeds for our favorite summer produce with the intention – this year – of finally having a vegetable garden that would make even old Mr. McGregor green with envy.

But, the best intentions can still become derailed with the busyness of spring and summer plans. Never fear! Even though we’re in the dog days of summer, there’s still time to plant a handful of veggies for a late-summer/early-fall harvest. With an estimated first frost date of Oct. 15 for Door County’s 5b growing zone, here’s a rundown of what you still have time to get in the ground.

Early to mid-August: Plant bush green bean seeds and radishes outdoors; start carrot seeds indoors.

Mid- to late August: Sow peas for a fall crop.

August (anytime) into September: Plant leaf lettuce, mustard greens, spinach, Swiss chard, beets and turnips for a late crop. 

End of August into September: Transplant lettuce seedlings (if started indoors) as well as carrots out into the garden. Make sure tender seedlings are kept well watered. As the chance of frost approaches, keep a row cover handy. You can also keep the carrot and lettuce plots covered with hoops to continue the crop well into the fall.