This Side of Maiden Rock

along the road
that low road by the river
near Nelson or perhaps Buffalo
on an August afternoon
of bottomland heat
I saw fenced property there
each post was a sculpture
of concrete and bottles
of trinkets and shells
and maybe a kind of love
and each post in that fence
seemed a stanza from some song
sung long ago
and along that low road
two yellow butterflies
whispered of late summer
and danced as they flew
to the music
of that old song
while the ripened grain
along that low road
waved goodbye
from the fields
and that grain
and those butterflies
and I have gone
just as though
the beautiful fence
could no longer hold anything
in that place
of bottomland heat

Ralph Murre has been around Door County and Wisconsin for a long time. Some say too long. He is your typical architect poet ex-sailor motorcyclist nature-lovin’ amateur cook who’s trying to become some kind of artist. He has kids. Grandkids. All of it. Sometimes, an unwary editor publishes some of his work. Sometimes not.