Thyroid Health and Natural Remedies Discussed at Greens N Grains

Nicole Dersé (right), pictured here with Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Gayle Mason, presents a free seminar on health and well-being each month at Greens N Grains.

Nicole Dersé, certified nutrition consultant, functional and nutritional medicine clinician and founder of the Center for Optimal Health in Sturgeon Bay, will discuss thyroid dysfunction, its causes and natural remedies on June 20 at 1 pm at Greens ‘N Grains in Egg Harbor.

Dersé says many people suffer from vague symptoms they think are normal parts of life, such as fatigue, feeling sluggish in the morning, having trouble with memory, concentration or focus.

“Most of these symptoms aren’t severe enough to send you to the emergency room,” Dersé explains.

She agrees that doctors are experts in acute illness, but feels they often overlook subtle changes that affect quality of life. As a nutritional medicine clinician, Dersé will show how toxins affect the thyroid and how nutritional deficiencies and certain foods may prevent the thyroid from functioning optimally. Dersé will also explain the diagnostic tests that need to be run to show a complete picture of thyroid function.

Dersé presents a free seminar on health and well-being each month at Greens ‘N Grains Natural Food Store and Cafe, l7821 Highway 42, Egg Harbor.

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