Timeless Gemstone Jewelry at Turtle Ridge

Steve Mitchell has been collecting interesting semi-precious stones from boyhood. His fascination with stones and a superb sense of showcasing these unique cabochons in oxidized silver settings and handmade chains, makes the work both timeless and modern. Mitchell is the featured jeweler at Turtle Ridge Gallery/Boutique in Ellison Bay.

Mitchell’s knowledge is extensive and the matte or polished surfaces bring out the natural beauty of each piece. Most of the pieces resemble landscapes, seascapes and contain interesting textures and colors. The balance of settings and chains make the pieces truly beautiful additions to flatter the wearer.

Steve Mitchell’s jewelry, Turtle Ridge handmade bags, artwork by Mary Ellen Sisulak and selected clothing lines are available for a complete look at Turtle Ridge Gallery/Boutique, 11736 Mink River Road. The gallery is open 10 am to 5 pm daily.

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