Tips From The Pro

For many, winter means the end of the golf season. But there are ways to work on your golf game during the cold months. The winter months are soon upon us, thus many golf lovers will soon have to store away their golf clubs and await the return of good weather and another season of golf. Avid golfers will be sure to take one or two trips to Florida or South Carolina for a few days of golf.

But what can be done on a regular basis to stay fit and ensure that one’s swing and golf game stays intact?

Maintain Golf Fitness and Conditioning – Stretching is imperative to maintaining your golf physique. Areas to focus on include the arms, wrists, back, quads and calves.

Stretching will aid in your flexibility as well as your endurance. You might also check with your local gym to see if they offer golf fitness classes, and/or if they have stretching and flexibility equipment such as the back extension, torso twist or wrist strengthening machine. I suggest that golfers work with a weighted club like the Momentus Swing Trainer over the winter months. Training aids help in the conditioning of the golf muscles as well as the strengthening and timing of the golf swing.

Master Your Short Game – The short game can make or break your score, so be sure to work on your putting during those cold winter months. You can purchase training equipment to help with your short game such as an indoor putting green, and/or a golf chipping net.

Practice Driving – Many cities have heated driving ranges and/or indoor practice facilities. The Sturgeon Bay YMCA offers indoor hitting and winter golf lessons.

Cold weather doesn’t mean you put away your golf game all together. It simply means you will need to improvise and try new ways to enjoy and work on your golf skills.