Tofu in the Middle of Nowhere

Dave Eliot recalls that his father back home in Ipswich, Massachusetts, wasn’t entirely behind the idea of his post-college Door County business venture.

“My dad always gave me a hard time. He’d say, ‘You’re going to go into the middle of nowhere and eat tofu,’” he said.

But Lawrence (Larry) Eliot does not recall anything but being supportive.

“One thing we agreed,” he said about himself and his wife, Charlotte, “we supported him at the newspaper in high school and college. His idea to do it in Door County, we supported.”

“We thought we did, anyway,” Charlotte added.

“We did question his purchase of a St. Bernard,” Larry said.

“I wonder if that wasn’t our main concern, the dog,” Charlotte added. “It isn’t easy to keep a dog, a big dog particularly.”

“I appreciated the dog because I think she kept him very warm,” Larry said. “He was always working to support himself while setting up the newspaper. I know we were concerned about his health and how he was able to do this.”

“We certainly are very proud of what he has done, not just for the newspaper but for the community,” Charlotte said. “I know whenever we come to visit, which we haven’t for a couple of years, when we go places, everyone seems to recognize him and the comments are very, very kind and favorable. We’re so glad that he is there to make Door County stronger. I think Wisconsin is the right place for him.”

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