Tommy Singer Jewelry on Display at Santa Fe Shop

Jewelry by Tommy Singer.

Tommy Singer is considered by many as one of the greatest contemporary Native American jewelry silversmiths of our time. A silversmith for over 28 years, he learned the art from his father, a Navajo Medicine man.

Singer uses sterling silver and turquoise to create artistic expressions of Navajo traditional ways. “Every piece is made with the meanings from my traditional ways,” he said. “It was my fathers’ dream that I learn to silversmith so that I can continue his belief.” Singer incorporates many traditional sandpainting and rug designs of the Navajo People into his jewelry. He also carves storyteller scenes in silver bead necklaces.

In the 1960s, Singer became famous for inventing the use of turquoise and coral chips in silverwork, used by thousands of artists to this day. This method of design is referred to as “chip-inlay.” His current work often includes 14 karat gold overlaid on silver.

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