Tourism Zone Commission Issues Security Warning

The Door County Tourism Zone Commission (DCTZC) has become aware of frequent spam emails sent to permit holders claiming to offer services in conjunction with the DCTZC. 

These emails often offer services such as marketing, sales and promotional expertise related to tourism and include links to websites. However, the senders are not affiliated with the DCTZC, and the organization recommends that permit holders do not follow any links on these emails unless it has been verified that they’re from a trusted source.  

The DCTZC is contracted with Destination Door County for the purposes of marketing all of Door County and works with community business associations to promote municipalities as well. Any email received from other marketing agencies is not connected to or promoted by the DCTZC.

Any Door County residents or visitors who receive emails from accounts that do not include, or a municipal address (e.g., should know that those emails’ connection to DCTZC may be false, and the spam should be treated with caution. Email links could contain viruses that may damage computers or tamper with information.

If a suspicious email regarding marketing or room tax is received, the DCTZC is urging permit holders to contact its office at [email protected] or 920.854.6200 to verify the sender. The DCTZC follows Wisconsin public-records law and takes data security seriously.  

The DCTZC does not sell information and is prohibited by Wisconsin public-records law from sharing details of lodging properties that could divulge private trade information. However, it must share information that it retains that is otherwise publicly available, as well as existing data in the aggregate. 

“We would never violate the trust of our permit holders by disclosing private information without their express consent,” said Juliana Behme, DCTZC administrator. “Our office follows strict protocols to protect their privacy in all aspects of our operations and documents every information request that is received.” 

Review the Wisconsin public-records law at