Town of Sevastopol To Discuss Potential Rezoning

The Town of Sevastopol is hosting a meeting to hear from residents about potentially rezoning parcels near the centers of Institute, Valmy and the Sturgeon Bay city limits.

Rezoning could help the town work toward its smart growth plan, which called for promoting growth in those core areas.

“If we’re going to have growth, yes, we want growth around Sturgeon Bay, around Valmy and around Institute, because then you’re more localizing all your utilities,” said John Staveness, Sevastopol Town Board Supervisor and Plan Commission chair.

Most of Sevastopol is zoned as prime agriculture land, which generally splits lots into 20-acre parcels. Rezoning some space to countryside or estate zones would mean lots could be as small as 10, 5, 1.5 acres or 30,000 square feet.

“The town had started talking a couple years ago about ways to try and have some areas of the town where they can have smaller lot sizes, therefore more affordable homes and [drawing] more families and kids to the school system,” said Mariah Goode, head of the Door County Planning Department.

Goode said farmers in the rezoned areas would be able to continue farming, but would have to go through a special process to build a structure like a barn.

The town is hosting a special meeting on Oct. 23 at 6 pm at the Sevastopol Town Hall to discuss the possible zoning changes. Goode and zoning administrator Kay Miller will present rezoning information, then listen to residents’ opinions.

To provide feedback and complete a questionnaire outside of the meeting, contact Miller at the Door County Planning Department at 920.746.2323 or [email protected]. You can also write comments and send them to the Town of Sevastopol at 4528 Hwy 57, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, fax to 920.746.1245 or email to [email protected].

The Sevastopol Plan Commission will consider the public input before making recommendations at its November meeting.

Information was mailed to residents living within a mile of Valmy, Institute and the Sturgeon Bay city limits.