Trade Time and Skills in Door County Time Exchange

Sherry Koenig, Chas Hartl and Jean (Gwen) Severson encourage Door County residents to join the Door County Time Exchange, which is modeled after Edgar Cahn’s TimeBanks concept. Their goal is to create a membership of people from all walks of life who can offer their talents and skills to each other. As a member, every hour offered equals a service credit. You earn these credits by providing help to others and you spend them to acquire help for yourself or someone else. Presently, 35 Door County members, including six organizations, have shared 928 service hours.

An online membership application is available at Individual members pay $12 for a yearly fee, while businesses or organizations have a yearly fee which includes two individual memberships. The fees cover background checks and insurance. For more information visit or call Severson at 920.559.9750.

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