Training Required for Guardianship


Jennifer A. Moeller. Submitted.

As of Jan. 3, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, launched the required Act 97 free, online training for guardians. It’s intended to ensure that guardians understand their duties and responsibilities, the rights of wards and the best practices for the relationship. After completing the course, individuals will be put on the Guardian Registry.

To enroll in this free, online, self-paced course, visit It’s accessible 24/7. 

What Is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal relationship created by a county circuit court, probate court. A court may appoint a person to serve as guardian of a person and/or guardian of estate for another person – called the “ward” – if the ward is found to be legally incompetent. Incompetency is based on a medical evaluation that’s specific to guardianship, as well as proof of necessary statutory elements after a court hearing. 

A guardian may be appointed for a person who has an impairment resulting from a developmental disability, degenerative brain disorder, serious and persistent mental illness, or other similar incapacities. Before a guardian is appointed, it must be shown that the impairment is so significant that it substantially interferes with that individual’s ability to make decisions and therefore puts the person in danger physically or renders the person significantly vulnerable financially.

Find out more about guardianship at the Guardianship Support Center at Direct questions or comments regarding the guardian training to the program specialists at 920.465.2315 or [email protected].

Jennifer A. Moeller is Door County Circuit Court commissioner, Door County register in probate, and president of the Wisconsin Register in Probate Association.