Trapanis Win $1.3 Million on ‘The Wall’

$1 million fundraising goal for Ukraine met

Christiana and Nic Trapani are not uncommon names on the Door peninsula, but on April 11, the couple got national recognition as contestants on NBC’s game show The Wall. During their episode, they won $1.3 million.

This journey began when the couple received a call in March 2022 during the height of their Ukraine candle campaign. It was just luck that the message made it through, Christiana said, because their phone was ringing off the hook during that time.

(From left) Nic and Christiana Trapani with The Wall’s host, Chris Hardwick. Photo courtesy of Greg Gayne, NBC Universal.

“We were really struggling with the idea of going because we were nervous to leave the shop [at that time],” she said. “Ultimately, we decided it was another way for us to promote the Ukraine candle and our mission.”

They traveled to Los Angeles at the end of August 2022 to shoot the episode.

Part of the winnings will be reinvested into their company, Door County Candle Company in Carlsville, and its new philanthropic arm. The rest was used to meet their goal of donating $1 million to Ukraine relief efforts.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Christiana said. “The support for this fundraiser has been really wonderful. We’re really grateful to live in this community.”

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