Travel Writers to Visit County

One of the Door County Visitor Bureau’s (DCVB) most important public relations programs continues in late June with a press tour that will welcome 18 travel journalists from around the U.S. to experience Door County firsthand. The DCVB will partner with Geiger & Associates, a public relations firm that specializes in public relations for travel clients, for eight press tours for travel journalists to explore the area and help tell Door County’s story.

Since 2007, DCVB press tours have generated more than 1,100 articles about Door County in regional, national and international media outlets with an earned media value of more than $10.6 million dollars.

Jon Jarosh, the DCVB’s director of communications & public relations, said, “Through these organized press tours, our media marketing program has really done a lot to build awareness for the county. The support we’ve gotten from our local tourism partners has been tremendous, and their enthusiasm for hosting journalists has really been a key factor in getting us the quality media coverage we’ve received for the county overall.”

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