Tree Beautification Program Returns to Jacksonport

The Jacksonport Women’s Club (JWC) will continue their Tree Beautification Program again in 2016. The successful first year blooms of the trees planted from the past three years’ sales have already captured the attention of residents and visitors along scenic byways, backroads and small lakes with their beautiful late-May blooms.

The Prairifire Crabapple was developed by the late Dr. Dan Dayton, a summer resident of Jacksonport. Dr. Dayton was also a horticultural professor at the University of Illinois and worked at the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station.

Two other varieties of crabapple trees, chosen by Roger Opiela of Earthscapes, were added in 2013 to the Tree Beautification Program.

All three trees, Prairifire, Sugartyme and Purple Prince are available this year.

These trees are highly disease resistant, usually don’t exceed 20 feet in height, and hold their fruit well into fall and winter, which provides food for the birds.

  • Prairifire is a crabapple with dark green foliage and a deep reddish-pink bloom. The foliage turns to a reddish color in the fall.
  • Sugartyme has pale pink buds, white flowers and dark green foliage.
  • Purple Prince has purple-bronze foliage with a rosy bloom.

Trees are priced at $60 each, with an order deadline of April 15.

A flowering crabapple tree would make a wonderful gift for all your upcoming celebrations – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day.

To order your trees or for more information call Jo Wahlen at 920.823.2032.

Pickup is scheduled for late April/early May in Jacksonport. As in the past, the JWC will partner with the Sevastopol FFA, under the direction of Dale Carlson and Mike Madden. Opiela of Earthscapes and McKay Nursery will provide the trees.

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