Trillium Organics Receives Importation Approvals from China

Trillium Herbal Company of Door County, which has been making certified organic personal care products since 1994, has recently received importation approvals from China.

Trillium has traditionally supplied their hand crafted boutique products to the green, sustainable, and wellness marketplaces such as Whole Foods, and green spas such as Zeotica. Over the years, Trillium has exported products to England, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, and the UAE.

“This registration effort is unprecedented,” said Karen Ciesar, CEO of Trillium H.C. “I have received approvals from the EU, the UAE and other high bar trade zones before, but this was really comprehensive. We worked with our Chinese partners for over a year to get our first approvals.”

Trillium has earned certifications and endorsements from many green organizations for their impeccability. A steady voice for “Organic Integrity” since 1994, Trillium Organics is an industry leader in certified organic moisturizing technology. It was their longstanding reputation for making super clean, super safe personal care products that originally led the China Solutions Group, Inc. of Chicago and Cedar Essentials, Ltd, of Shanghai to Trillium.

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