Trump’s Cleanup Crew

I recall 4th of July parades in Door County where teams of horses are pulling wagons and because marching bands followed the horses it was necessary for people with shovels to clean up what the horses left behind. That scenario is much like the Trump campaign where people need to follow him and clean up what he leaves behind.

Trump’s vice presidential pick, Governor Pence, is getting pretty good at cleaning up Trump’s comments as is Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York. He didn’t mean it that way or he was only joking or the liberal media twisted his statement have become common excuses for Trump’s outbursts. Almost anything goes in a presidential campaign whether it is true or false but can you imagine President Trump speaking to or negotiating with a national security team, the UN assembly, a meeting of foreign officials or heads of state on an important subject using the same careless rhetoric that we have heard constantly during this campaign? A cleanup crew will be ineffective at that point. More recently there is Trump the actor, whose coaches are trying to make him be more presidential as though he is auditioning for a play. He is now acting more subdued and is apologizing for things he has said.

Trump is 70 years old and he has shown us many times what he really is. After the election Trump will go back to whatever he does but he will leave behind those who tried to cover for him and a cadre of those like Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan who played both sides of the fence hoping to save their political futures.


George Krall
La Crosse, Wis.

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