Trupin’s ‘Rooms with a View’ Series at Fine Line

In addition to the rotating exhibits at Fine Line Designs Gallery, more than 100 artists are exhibiting there this season. One whose work is currently on display is former Door County resident and longtime gallery favorite Donna Lindboe Trupin (, whose recent move to Nashville inspired “Interiors: Rooms with a View.”

“After 20 years in Door County, my husband, Lew, and I moved to Nashville,” Trupin said, “and the move was challenging … We really missed our Wisconsin people and our loyal friends.”

To combat the homesickness, she found solace in creating her six-painting “Interiors: Rooms with a View” series based on imaginary, whimsical rooms that brought her joy and comfort. 

“I thought, ‘Why not start by painting my own intimate surroundings?’” Trupin said. “So I did. My first room, ‘Living Room Cozy,’ is my own Tennessee living room, complete with a glowing, warm fire; favorite family portraits; homemade garden flowers; and more.” Each room also has a window revealing a simple scene, season or travel memory.

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