Turkey Hunter Education Program

A unique hunter education program will take place on March 28 for first-time turkey hunters.

Sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the recently started local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Door County Fish Farm & Game Club, the daylong turkey hunting seminar pairs first-time hunters with experienced mentors.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for first-time hunters,” said Dick Baudhuin, who has served as chair of the annual program for the past five years. He said the DC Fish Farm & Game Club has been conducting the hunter education program for 15 years.

The day begins at the Sevastopol Town Hall at 8 am with topics ranging from turkey biology to hunter education basics.

“Then in the afternoon we go outside to shoot, mentor and hunter,” Baudhuin said.

While many hunter education programs are aimed at youngsters, Baudhuin said all ages are encouraged to attend.

“It’s available for people from 10 on up,” he said. “We’ve had people in their mid-60s who have never hunted turkeys and subsequently ended up being turkey hunters. Most are young people, 15 and below. However every year we do have a few adults, and we encourage that.”

Baudhuin is an enthusiastic supporter of the program for a variety of reasons.

“I’m enthusiastic about it because hunting and fishing and trapping, and golf, well, I’m 78 and I can still do all of those things and enjoy them,” he said.

More than that, during the spring turkey season (April 4-12), it’s an opportunity to get into the great outdoors when no other hunting is allowed.

“It’s a nice time of year to get out,” Baudhuin said. “All those songbirds are coming out. Turkey hunting is strictly a daylight thing. It’s probably the most exciting to be out there at daylight when the birds are waking up because they’re pretty vocal.”

And certainly not the least of his reasons, “They are very good table fare,” Baudhuin said. “Some people say they are tough. These are not your pen-raised Butterball turkeys. They’re not tough if prepared right and they have a lot of turkey flavor, more than commercial turkeys.”

Baudhuin points out that the turkey-hunting seminar is free. No hunting experience or education is required. Lunch is even provided.

To register, contact Baudhuin at 920.743.2581, 493.2749 or by email at [email protected].