Two businesses, one non-profit stung at Fall Fest

Three vendors and their employees received citations from the Door County Sheriff’s Department Fall Fest weekend after the employees sold alcohol to minors.

The Sheriff’s Department set up the alcohol raid, which was the first to occur at Fall Fest, according to Sheriff Terry Vogel.

Two minors, whose names were redacted from the report, purchased alcohol at the Lions Club, Sister Bay Café and DC Deli stands along the sidewalk in downtown Sister Bay.

According to the report, the minors purchased glasses of beer without being asked to show an ID. They then threw the beer out and called the responding officer, Sargent Thomas Lemke.

Lemke approached the employees at each stand responsible for selling alcohol to the minors. In each case, the employees admitted to selling the alcohol when Lemke questioned them.

Each employee, as well as the business owners, received a citation for selling alcohol to minors.

Sheriff Terry Vogel said he was disappointed that the Sister Bay Advancement Association (SBAA) decided not to sell wristbands for people 21 and older.

“I expected the village to clamp down [on selling alcohol to minors] more,” he said.

Sister Bay Village President Denise Bhirdo said SBAA decided not to sell wristbands because of the logistic challenge it poses. Ultimately though, it isn’t SBAA’s or the village’s fault two businesses and one non-profit group violated the law.

“At this point in time it really comes down to the individual vendor and unfortunately three of them did not follow the law,” she said. “The responsibility lies with those businesses or non-profits.”

Sister Bay Village Administrator Bob Kufrin said the village is responsible for vendor alcohol permits, but the same rules apply to any establishment serving alcohol – all servers must be licensed bartenders.

Kufrin said it is the responsibility of businesses selling alcohol to make sure their employees are checking IDs.