Two Controversial Signs Coming Down

The Village of Egg Harbor and Wisconsin Department of Transportation have agreed to remove these particular signs that were a source of outrage in the Egg Harbor business community. The signs were located south of Carlsville and north of the village. Facebook photo.

The Village of Egg Harbor had good news for local business operators about a Wisconsin Department of Transportation (Wis-DOT) sign that was bothering people more than any of the signs in the vicinity of the state Highway 42 construction zone.

The village informed the Egg Harbor Business Association (EHBA) on the night of Jan. 18 that after hearing about inaccurate, orange “No Access to Egg Harbor” signs north of the village and south of Carlsville, Wis-DOT notified the village that it can remove those two particular signs.

“New ‘construction bypass’ signs will be installed along the alternate access routes closer to the road closure locations in order to direct travelers around the construction zone and back into village limits,” the village said in its email to the EHBA.

Approved “Egg Harbor businesses are open and accessible” signage will be installed, weather permitting, the week of Jan. 22-28.

“Once the new signage is put into place, the ‘No Access’ signs will be removed,” the village noted, thanking people for their patience.

Additional updates are available at and Wis-DOT’s site.