Two Photographers Capture the Precise and the Abstract

Charlene Berg brings forth a burst of colorful photography, featuring the works of two new artists in her latest exhibit at Gallery Ten in Gills Rock. The artists’ styles may be described as coming from opposite ends of the creative spectrum; however, each individual’s results succeed in defining a very personal and unique aesthetic.

Nancy O’Sullivan pushes the limits of photographic imagery toward the realm of impressionist painting in her collection entitled “Abstracts of Nature.” Her colorful and unusual creations are fresh and inspiring, yet she achieves her distinctive results in a very surprising manner, using an array of traditional photographic media without digital enhancements.

O’Sullivan explains, “I seek to evoke a non-ending kaleidoscope of feelings…I create a moment in time for you to ponder and contemplate.”

Dustin J. Williston has been a lifelong artist working in various mediums. After earning a degree in commercial art, taking photographs seemed to be his favorite medium. For the past fifteen years he has been a photographer, shooting in a photojournalistic style using traditional film methods. In recent years, he has made the switch to capturing images digitally.

“You don’t have to travel the world to document something amazing,” says Williston. “Just stop. Just look. That is how to find artwork within.” Williston’s focus is often on the details, taking a precise and close up look at the world from within inches of the lens.

Individuals may download or listen to a streaming audio interview with both artists at the Gallery Ten Web site in a new podcast feature. The exhibit runs through July 10.

The gallery and adjoining coffee shop are open Thursday through Monday from 8 am – 5 pm at 12625 Hwy. 42 in Gills Rock. For more information, call 920.854.9907 or visit