Two Poems

Before the Honeymoon

I stumble on the rocky beach
beneath the cliff,
part of the Niagara Escarpment.
On a shelf in the dolomite wall
I find two oblong flat stones,
each about the size of a hand,
tied together with lavender ribbon
the color last night’s sunset
painted the bay. Beside the stones,
an empty bottle – beer,
perhaps used to toast the engagement
of two people whose emotions
rose like the tide, two who feel
bound like bay and beach.

On the Beach at Ellison Bay

I sit on a pile of ancient dolomite.
Waves gently stroke the shore
as a few doves soar.
A breeze rearranges my hair.
Stilled and calm at last,
I watch large black spiders
dash across pebbles, dart
from grey stone to grey stone
like harried women cleaning house
before their guests arrive.

Wilda Morris, President of Poets and Patrons of Chicago, spends part of each year in Door County. Her poetry has received a number of awards, including a Pushcart nomination. Her poetry blog,, presents a poetry contest each month.