Unearthing The Cove Resort

The Cove Preserve – one of the properties of Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay – was named for a body of water and also recalls a resort called The Cove, built in 1901, that was once in the area.

Crossroads had received grants from the Raibrook Foundation and the Cliff and Clara Herlache Heritage Foundation of the Door County Community Foundation to sponsor the Spring Archaeological Experience for Door County middle school students at the Ida Bay Preserve.

Although the school field trips did not happen, the funders are allowing Crossroads to use the grant money to engage Emily Rux, archaeologist-in-residence at Crossroads, in conducting a literature search and beginning preliminary studies of the south side of the Ida Bay Preserve.

Anyone with memories and memorabilia of the resort may contact Crossroads at [email protected] Pictures of the cottages would be most helpful.

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