Unexpected Art at Meadows Art Gallery

Artwork by Francha Barnard.

Trio – Unexpected Art continues at the Meadows Art Gallery throughout May. There is a trio of art forms included in this exhibition that sprang from unexpected areas.

Functional kites that double as fine art are on display. The shapes and colors of the kites, collected by Scott Smith, combine with the shadows cast by the display lighting, to create vivid wall relief sculpture.

The Door County members of the Wallace Poetry Group are also displaying their poetry, some of which is illustrated by the poets. The poetry/artwork provide pictures or thought images of the inspiration that helped in their creative processes.

Vicki Bley stretches bead jewelry into new meanings of sculptural statements. Bley builds incredible three-dimensional constructions by controlling and manipulating the beadwork.

Trio – Unexpected Art is open 10 am – 5 pm daily, and the public is encouraged to attend. The Meadows Art Gallery is located just inside the entrance to The Meadows at Scandia Village in Sister Bay.